Throat Cancer, Alkaline Water Success Story

Bill Powers’ Cancer Victory Story

Cancer Suffering Breaks My Heart

I know, I have been through it. –Bill Powers

Anyone diagnosed with the “BIG C” needs to hear words of encouragement and to have hope.

The message I have after my experience is that the Lord has put you in a situation, so you can minister to others. But, remember you are just the messenger. You just keep sharing the “hope” message of Alkaline Water.

I DO NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS.Let me be crystal clear; it is not the water that heals; what Alkaline Water does is put your immune system back in balance so your body can “heal itself”, naturally!

 I remind people that this battle is not theirs alone, it is the Lord’s battle, but they need to take some earthly action.

Once someone chooses hope and takes action, anything is possible.

My seven keys to cancer victory:

1. Will to live

2. Positive attitude

3. Belief and hope

4. Support of family and friends

5. Prayer

6. Research and being open minded to alternative PROVEN solutions

7. Taking Action by drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water drinking protocol for those with cancer:
Step 1. Drink Alkaline Water 9.5 pH (gallon a day directly from the ionizer machine or one ounce water per pound)
         a.  Raise the Flex Hose to the highest point above the machine
         b.  Slow the water flow way down so it’s coming out the Flex hose like a slow swirl, ripple, ribbon flow 
         c.  Pour the 9.5 pH like pouring a beer (side of the glass)
         d.  The 9.5 pH Water should look cloudy (most oxygen rich and the abundance of hydrogen ions forms the cloudy look)
         e.  Cook all food and make coffee/tea with 9.5 pH water
         f.   DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WITH YOUR MEAL (or 20 minutes before or after your meal)
Step 2. Drink Alkaline Water 11.5 pH 
         a.  Drink TWO 8 ounce glasses of 11.5 pH a day (one mid morning and the other late evening)
         b.  Immediately followed by 8 ounces of pH 9.5 Alkaline Water
Step 3. Rinse mouth with 2.5 pH water (kills Free Radicals in the air) 
         a.  Use the 2.5 pH water like mouthwash 4-6 times a day
         b.  Use the 2.5 pH water (like nasal spray) 4-6 times a day
         c.  These waters can be stored in containers for 30-days (not required to make fresh each time)
Step 4. Other Tips 
         b.  Order “Killing Cancer, Not People” book by Robert Wright
         c.  Review this website:
         d.  Get a High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein (HS-CRP) Blood Test (also referred to as ultra-sensitive or US-CRP)
              The C-reactive protein test measures an inflammatory response in the body. That way you will have a starting marker.
              A level of 1.0 to 3.0 is considered normal.Greater than 3.0 is considered high risk.
              Illustration purpose: Lets say your initial starting HS-CRP marker was 55.0 and after 30 days it was 20.0
              (that would indicate that level of inflammation in the body is reducing and you are on the right track.) REVIEW THIS WEBSITE

Bill Powers Cancer Victory Story!

I remember the day I started treatment for my Stage 4 Throat Cancer and how 5 months later the Radiation and Chemo almost killed me, on top of dying from the cancer. Then in May 2009, I discovered this miracle Alkaline Water and 16 weeks later, I was 100% Cancer free.

I am not making any medical claims, but please grasp that your immune system holds the key to your health and it needs you to open the door and keep it open.

My Personal Victory Over Stage 4 Throat Cancer!

Bill Powers, Stage IV Victory, from “Killing Cancer – Not People”, Page 211

“You Have Cancer. You’re Going to Die!” the doctors told me.

There are no words to describe how it felt when on November, 30, 2008

I was told that I had Stage 4 throat cancer with 3 months to live. Shocked and devastated are too mild. It was as if someone had hit me between the eyes with a 2×4, made me get back up and then hit me again. With Chemo (5 different types: Cisplatin, Docetaxel, CDDP, Taxotere, 5FU over a 5 month period) and Radiation (32 consecutive days) I would have at best ONLY a 50 percent chance of survival. But, I took the long-shot odds with traditional medical treatment. I still had so much to live for.

I started the heavy duty Chemo treatment in January, 2009 and was sick from the onset. The anti-nausea medicine made me so sleepy I couldn’t function. I developed severe mouth sores, my hair & beard fell out, I was terribly fatigued, food had no taste and starting losing weight. Over the entire treatment period, I lost over 60 pounds. I was only getting nutrients through a stomach tube and liquids through an IV port.

In May 2009, after massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation, my medical treatment was completed. The doctor’s told me that they were pleased that the “walnut size” cancer in the base of my throat had not grown anymore; but there was nothing more they could do at this time.

I was sent home to die. But I am a fighter and I believe in God’s miracles and natural healing, so in addition to Chemo and Radiation, I used prayer and SEARCHED for natural healing products.

At that same time period, God told me, through a dear friend, Mr. Ed Johnson, who researched natural remedies for me, to change my weapons. Ed introduced me to Alkaline, Ionized, Microclustered  WATER – used in Japan for over 35 years and now available in the USA!!! NOT A KNOCK-OFF!

In May, 2009, I purchased my water ionizer; the missing piece to the natural healing puzzle that I was looking for.

I was also introduced to Dr. Hiromi Shinya, through his best selling book,  The Enzyme Factor, which in Chapter 1, Page 1, he states succinctly and unequivocally that “None of my patients have had to face cancer again.”

I followed Dr. Shinya’s recommendation in The Enzyme Factor (page 159) and starting drinking this ALKALINE WATER!!!

Within 48-hours after drinking the 9.5 pH Alkaline water, my mouth sores were totally gone and for the first time in 5-months, I began to eat and drink without using my feeding tube and water port.

The doctors were in awe of my progress. At this time, I am maintaining my health with this miracle “Alkaline” Water (gallon-a-day), pure Mangosteen juice and a premium-grade multivitamin (Ukon from Enagic.)

THE BIG DAY was December 30, 2009, when my oncologist called about my biopsy report. The lab result was absolutely ASTONISHING; the three biopsies showed NO CANCER. The tumor necrosis was 100%!

There is nothing more important (on earth) to fighting cancer or preventing
any other disease than Alkaline Water (I AM LIVING PROOF!!!)
It’s not the water that does the healing; it’s your own properly alkaline, oxygenated balanced immune system.

I am not making any medical claims (I’m not a doctor), but the one thing I do know – this Alkaline Water restored my immune system back to a natural alkaline state to maximize my body’s ability to fight off disease and heal itself. God spared my life, so I can bring you encouragement and hope!”

-Bill Powers, San Antonio, Texas

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