To put it quite simply, you are suffering from diabetes because there’s just too much acid in your system…bottom line!

The reason you have so much acid in your system is because as our bodies break down the food we we ingest–that process creates acid in our system.

Now, because what we know as water today has been chemically treated to make it “clean” enough to ingest, our bodies are no longer able to absorb the water as we were once able to because of the molecular changes made to the water during the “cleaning” process.

Because the molecules are so big, the cells in our bodies can only absorb about 17% of the water we drink.

Which may not be such a bad thing considering the chlorine and other toxins added to water to make “clean” for drinking.

Alkaline water may be the answer. Depending on the PH level of the water, it can be ingested to help the body cure itself, or used topically for cuts and MAJOR infections

It’s about a man in Japan that had a Diabetic foot ulcer. He was in serious danger of losing the foot, when his doctor in Japan suggested he try the Alkaline Kangen Water before moving forward with the foot amputation. Check it out:

I have to warn you the quality of the video isn’t the best, but it’s well worth watching: