High Cholesterol

Research has shown that alkaline water may help you lower your cholesterolThe study followed 20 people that showed symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome for 8 weeks. The symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome are:
• Obesity
• Insulin Resistance
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol

Doctors measured the cholesterol levels of the study participants at the beginning of the study to determine what their baseline cholesterol levels were. Study participants were required to drink five 400 ml bottles of alkaline water each day. The average consumption of alkaline water during the study was 1.5 L – 2.0 L.

Alkaline Water Reduced Bad Cholesterol, Increased Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol levels were tested after drinking alkaline water for four weeks, and again at eight weeks. At each interval, study participant’s cholesterol levels had improved.

Significant increase in HDL (good) cholesterol (m mol/L)

• Before drinking alkaline water: 1.2
• After drinking alkaline water 1.4
15% Increase in good cholesterol

Large decrease in total cholesterol/HDL (Ratio)

• Before drinking alkaline water:: 4.5:1
• After drinking alkaline water : 3.9:1

13% Decrease in ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol

High level of Confidence in Results
The study reported a high level of confidence (95%) in the test results. This means that the researchers are 95% certain that drinking alkaline water produced the improved cholesterol levels in study participants.

Current smokers in the test showed some of the most substantial improvements in their cholesterol levels, suggesting that alkaline water may help reduce the health consequences of smoking. More research is needed to confirm this.

Study Conclusions

Researchers in this study concluded that alkaline water: “demonstrated improvement in the levels of oxidative stress markers associated with metabolic syndrome and boosted the body’s antioxidant activity.”

Because of the positive effects of alkaline water on cholesterol levels and antioxidant benefits in the body, the study concluded that alkaline water: “represents a potentially novel therapeutic and preventive strategy for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.”

For people looking to improve their cholesterol levels, and improve their health with age-fighting antioxidants, drinking alkaline water may be the best health choice they ever make.