Pregnancy and Kangen

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Kangen Water® Testimonial (breast milk)

Kangen Water® Testimonial (breast milk)

My name is Angel Deacon and this is my Kangen Water experience. At 29 weeks, I broke my water. On June 30, 2013, I was admitted into Winnie Palmer hospital for woman and babies, in Orlando, Florida on the antepartum floor for four week before the birth of my premature daughter Kara. Luckily, Orlando is where a fellow LMT Dan Towey lives, who drinks Kangen Water and shared it with me. Well the first week in the hospital I was not able the have a bowel movement, then was able to go every other day. Then Dan brought the water, and a day later I could go at least once a day or more.

On Sunday, July 28th at 6:04 am my daughter was born via C-section without the planned induction and drugs. Dan would usually bring water to me every other day and was scheduled to do so that Sunday of Kara’s birth. With the surgery this was not possible. With her in the NICU and myself in recovery I was not able to breast feed her immediately nor express any colostrum. So, I had to pump right away. It was only 6 hours after her birth that I had pumped for the first time and was able to produce a measly 2 mls. For the next couple of days, I was without Kangen water and was only producing a combined 1ml from both breasts.

Then, Tuesday afternoon Dan was able to bring Kangen Water® and by the next morning I was producing 6 ounces combined. I also was able to produce colostrum on the 6th day after her birth which is highly unusual that late. Within two weeks of my daughter’s birth I had stored about 70 EXTRA bottles (above what I was already feeding her daily with NO FORMULA !)

Below (right) is a picture of all my extra stored milk at 4 weeks of Kara’s life. While she was in the NICU I was able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house, I walked 4-6 times a day after having my C-section to go see Kara and take my milk. The swelling in my legs went down 10 days post surgery when I increased my Kangen Water consumption to 3/4 gallon per day, and was able to stop taking pain medicine after nine days.

I feel that Kangen Water helped me to be healthier, recover quicker, and also benefited my premature daughter though my increased my HIGH QUALITY milk production.

6 oz produced wed. morning after receiving water Tues. 4 Weeks Later with constant supply of Kangen Water® !!!