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Halting or Reversing the Destruction of Oxidation

Anti-oxidants are electron donors that counteract the destruction of oxidation. The greater our intake of both simple and complex anti-oxidants the faster this destruction is slowed or stopped altogether. Vitamins A, C & E have long been extolled for their high levels of anti-oxidants. Super foods like blueberries, goji berries, acai berries, kale algae and seaweeds are now in the health news regularly because of their A, C & E contents. These nutrients are very complex and carry molecular weights that vary between 150 microns for A, 176 microns for C and 153 microns for E.

Enagic’s Ionized Kangen WaterTM actually carries the highest anti-oxidant potential delivered in a simple molecular structure carrying the very low molecular weight of 18 microns. The anti-oxidant potential of water can be measured in millivolts (mV) with an Oxidation-Reduction Potential Meter. The higher the positive meter reading the greater the oxidation potential it carries. The higher the negative meter reading the greater the reduction or anti-oxidant potential it carries.

In very simple terms Oxidation-Reduction Potential is the potential of a fluid to either increase oxidation or reduce oxidation.

Within the cells (especially in the mitochondria) it is essential to have a high number of negatively charged electrons (electron donors). This condition sets the stage for 2 very important functions, optimal production of energy on a cellular level and neutralization of free radicals produced through normal cellular respiration. Conversely, a high number of positively charged ions (free radicals) create a very undesirable condition known as oxidation which results in cellular destruction.

Change your water . . . Change your body.

Human bodies are composed of roughly 70-100 trillion cells which are primarily water – up to 98% depending on the function of the cell. So it only stands to reason that the water we consume is the water that makes up those cells.

Surprisingly, water can be one of the most corrosive substances that we ingest every day, yet it is absolutely essential for life. Below is a chart out lining the oxidative values of typical water sources available throughout the US .

Water Type or Source MilliVolt Reading Rate of Corrosion

Tap* +576 High

Steam Distilled +755 Extremely High

Pur Filter* +588 High

Britta Filter* +622 Very High

Carbon Filter* +596 Very High

Softened +791 Extremely High

Aquafina by Pepsi +542 High

Dasani by Coke +521 High

Penta +613 Very High

Evian +404 High

Perrier +457 High

Propel Fitness Water +656 Very High

*This is an average of the values gathered from source waters in cities across the US – Dallas , Los Angeles , New York City, Santa Fe, Seattle and Spokane .